The Makeup Tips for Beginners Everyone Needs to Know

The Makeup Tips for Beginners Everyone Needs to Know

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As it is said, the first impression is the last impression. This saying might not entirely be true, but it is not entirely false either, and who knows this better than the grown-ups in today’s world? In such a world then, the art of makeup becomes a quite powerful tool to indulge in self-expression and feel empowered enough to pursue one’s goals and aspirations. Mind you, this journey for your teen is about discovering their real and whimsical version more than anything else, as any makeup goes much beyond the idea of putting on masks to celebrate individuality. 

That said, the makeup journey has its own twists and turns for everyone, and every beginner needs to brace themselves with the required knowledge in order to navigate this journey. The first and foremost thing for your teen to remember is that makeup is meant to enhance their features through their unique style and personality. It is not at all meant to conceal their identity and give in to peer pressure so as to conform to societal beauty standards.

Let’s now explore further and dive into the makeup tips for beginners that everyone needs to know. 

Makeup Tip 1

Skincare is of utmost importance when it comes to applying makeup. The longer and better your teen takes care of their skin, the long-lasting their experimental nature can be. Healthy skin, after all, is what radiates real beauty enriched by the art of makeup. Hence, skincare should be prioritised, for it is no less than the foundation which makeup builds upon. 

Makeup Tip 2

It is important for your teen to recognise and acknowledge their undertones. This is not merely about choosing the perfect foundation and concealer that go along with their complexion, but rather this is also about creating a kind of harmony with their undertones, all while understanding that real beauty knows no shades and tones and everyone is beautiful in their own ways. 

Makeup Tip 3

Highlighting and contouring come next. It serves as not only an important step in enhancing one’s facial features / physical attributes but also an important step in embracing one’s authentic self, no matter how “imperfect”, if done in the right way. The key is then to do it all in the right way. 

Makeup Tip 4

There is a saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, it can also half be true in the world of makeup since beauty does lie in the eyes the most. So, while applying makeup, it is equally important for your teen to pay attention to their eyes as well, understanding the subtleties of eye makeup products, such as eyeliners and eyeshadows. As our eyes are, in a way, a window to our soul, your teen can accentuate their inner strength for the whole world to see with, for example, just a stroke on the eyelid.  

Makeup Tip 5

The role of lipsticks cannot be undermined in giving a perfect finishing touch to the makeup process. Since the choice of lipstick for self-expression reveals a lot, your teen needs to choose carefully while selecting any colour from bold reds to subtle nudes. That said, subtle nudes are preferable for teens. 


The art of makeup relates more to self-love, self-discovery, and self-exploration, than conforming to societal expectations and standards. Therefore, ensure that your teen embraces the deeper layers of their individuality and redefines beauty standards while indulging in learning and enhancing the art of makeup.