Top 5 Makeup Kits for Girls

Top 5 Makeup Kits for Girls

Through this blog, let us explore the top 5 makeup kits for girls in their adolescence. Since makeup has started to play an indispensable role in everyone’s lives, the importance of finding that perfect makeup kit that is age-appropriate and safe for the young and delicate skin of teens and pre-teens is huge. Makeup not only stimulates the self-confidence and self-esteem of kids but also provides them with an outlet to indulge in their whimsies and foster their experimental nature. 

1. Make You Pretty Beauty Kit 

The products that come with the Make You Pretty Beauty Kit are not only nature-based but they are also cruelty-free as well as free from harmful chemicals. This kit has primarily been designed for children aged 6 to 16 years. It is a pack of 14 that consists of products such as eye glitters, eyeliners, lip and cheek tints, concealers, and blenders with several different varieties. It is one of the must-have makeup kits for teens and pre-teens which helps them feel pretty from the inside by boosting their self-confidence. 

2. Blossom Beauty Kit for Girls 

Blossom Beauty Kit is also one of the best makeup kits for teenage girls which is quite perfect for their wanting to try and experiment with different looks using high-quality products. It is a pack of 12 that consists of concealers, blenders, lip and cheek tints, hair bands, and other such safe and age-appropriate makeup products. As the name suggests, Blossom Beauty Kit helps teens and pre-teens blossom into their best selves and engage with their whimsies through experimentation. So, creativity is all set to be unleashed with this amazing kit for girls. 

3. Glow-Up Beauty Kit 

Glow-Up Beauty Kit is one of the favourites among children of all ages, especially those aged between 6 and 16. It includes non-toxic and safe makeup products such as lip glosses, blenders, concealers, and much more, and it is a pack of 7. As the name conveys, Glow-Up Beauty Kit does not only add glow to children’s beauty, but it also glows up the confidence they have in themselves and the self-esteem they possess. It is one of the must-haves for girls venturing into the realm of makeup. 

4. Glitters Pouch Beauty Kit 

For beginners in the makeup world, Glitters Pouch Beauty Kit is an ideal makeup kit that fosters play makeup through products such as funky pouches, eye glitters, brushes, lip glosses, and lip and cheek tints. Since it is a pack of just 4, it might not give that much when it comes to quantity, but Glitters Pouch Beauty Kit certainly gives much beyond expectation when it comes to quality and variety. And the fact that it comes with products mostly glittery, it is quite appealing too to children. 

5. Liplicious Beauty Kit for Girls 

Liplicious Beauty Kit for Girls is one of the top makeup kits that is a pack of 6. It contains lip glosses, lip balms, lip and cheek tints, brushes, and hairbands, and this kit has enough variety for the experimental nature and whimsies of teenage girls. Liplicious Beauty Kit opens the door to the world of makeup in a deliciously pleasing manner, and not surprisingly, it is one of the most sought-after makeup kits.


Make You Pretty Beauty Kit, Blossom Beauty Kit, Glow-Up Beauty Kit, Glitters Pouch Beauty Kit, and Liplicious Beauty Kit for Girls are the top 5 makeup kits that every teenage girl would love to explore and possess. Since these Whimsy Beauty India makeup kits have been derived from nature and contain the safest possible ingredients and products that are exclusively made for the young skin of teenagers, they also make for a perfect gift idea for them.