Why Are Mothers’ Makeup Products Not Safe for Daughters?

Why Are Mothers’ Makeup Products Not Safe for Daughters?

It is a common sight for kids to get attracted to their mother’s makeup products. However, mature skin is very different from children’s and teenagers’ skin. And this sight might not always be without any of the side effects. There are various reasons why it is not safe for daughters to use beauty products for moms. In this blog, let us talk about some of those reasons.

  1. While mothers have mature skin, a teenager’s skin is just developing.

People have different skin types, and they vary more when we talk about two different generations. Beauty products for moms thus might not be safe for the skin of pre-teens and teenagers. While a mom’s skin is mature and developed, a teenager’s skin is comparatively new and young, sensitive to the surroundings and the makeup products that they use. Since both the mother and the daughter have different skin types, if they use similar products for makeup, that may cause allergic reactions to the delicate and sensitive skin of the daughter.    

  1. Teenagers are experiencing rapid hormonal changes, and their skin demands something age-appropriate.

Not all beauty products meant for moms are safe and age-appropriate for little daughters. So, parents need to take care that their child uses safe makeup products, of which age-appropriateness is one crucial factor. Due to the various hormonal changes that teenagers experience in adolescence, their skin is prone to acne, dryness, pimples, oiliness, and other skin-related issues, and all this means that their skin demands age-appropriate teenage makeup products which address them.    

  1. Sharing makeup products might not be a good idea for anyone, even mothers and daughters.

Beauty products for moms make use of ingredients that might be considered harmful to younger skin by dermatologists. Moreover, sharing makeup products imply sharing brushes, sponges, and applicators which might spread infections, cause allergies, or simply react negatively to other people’s skin. So, even while considering sharing makeup products, it is better to maintain certain boundaries and take care of such things.

  1. Mothers and daughters have individualised needs from makeup; go whimsical and experimental.

Every person has different kinds of needs in everything that the world has to offer. Makeup is no different. So, it is always better to have makeup products that suit each one of your needs, be it sun protection or oil removal, instead of compromising those needs. There are the best beauty products in India for every need of yours, so we all should just go whimsical and experimental in order to live life to the fullest. Expand your preferences.   

Sharing is caring. This saying fits true in most contexts, but not when it comes to makeup. Sharing makeup could definitely help deepen the bond and bring any mother and daughter closer. However, there are many ways to do so, and applying makeup together is also one such thing. We need not use the same beauty products to deepen the bond. Applying one’s own makeup in a team can also help mothers and daughters augment the depth of their bond.