Is Safe Makeup Brand for Teenage Girls Available in India?

Is Safe Makeup Brand for Teenage Girls Available in India?

What according to you is considered safe makeup for teenage girls in India? To be precise, there are a number of factors that go into making the definition of safe makeup, and when a safe makeup brand is even envisaged, that definition has to be lived to the fullest in order for it to be called "safe". Safe makeup has many different aspects such as non-toxicity, naturalness, and washability. Unfortunately, there are not many makeup brands in India that raise the bar on those aspects. 

In this blog, let us discuss what constitutes safe makeup for teenage girls in India and whether there is any safe makeup brand for pre-teens and teenagers in the country.

What Constitutes Safe Makeup?

Given below are three key aspects of safe makeup that every parent should consider before committing to any alleged best makeup brands in India for their little girls: 

  1. Non-toxic: Your teenager's skin is sensitive, and any makeup product using harsh chemicals has the potential to damage it. Hence, make sure that the best makeup brands in India you are looking for are also non-toxic in nature. Also, make sure that your kid does not use any such product which uses harsh chemicals. Nature is the way to go.
  1. Simple to Remove: Kids find it interesting to experiment with different types of makeup products, but they might face problems in wiping them off the skin completely. Ensure that the safe makeup brand that you or your kid have chosen is simple to remove. This way, your pre-teen and teenager will be free to be whimsical, as Whimsy Beauty puts it.
  1. Supervision: Not only do you need to supervise your kid when your kid uses different types of makeup products, but also that should be supervised by industry experts. This is to say, you need to make sure that your kid's makeup is dermatologically tested and does not cause any allergic reaction to your child's skin. Not many makeup brands in India are dermatologically tested for real.

Is There Any Safe Makeup Brand in India for Kids?

There are various popular brands that cater to the needs of women and adult girls. However, there is no such brand as of now that is available in India and is safe for the delicate skin of your kid. It is to bridge this gap that Whimsy Beauty was born.

Established in 2022, Whimsy Beauty strives to encourage the experimental and whimsical nature of kids when it comes to makeup products and reduce the stigma associated with kids using makeup. There are many positive effects of using makeup, and it is high time that society went beyond its traditional viewpoint and accepted those effects without any fear concerning the soft and sensitive skin of teenage girls in India.

Whimsy Beauty products are non-toxic and dermatologically tested, in addition to their simple removability. All the products are nature-based and avoid chemicals and artificial fragrances to provide the best of everything to kids. Founded and available in India, the vision behind Whimsy Beauty as a safe makeup brand is to create confident generations of global leaders.