Why Kids Require Makeup? Should Their Parents Allow Them?

Why Kids Require Makeup? Should Their Parents Allow Them?

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The reasons vary as to why kids require makeup, and this debate has been going on for decades. However, more than that “why”, there is yet another question that has been debated for decades: Should parents allow their kids to wear makeup? The effects of wearing makeup at a young age are one of the reasons for that “should”. Parents are obviously concerned about the skin of their kids, but they should also remember why kids makeup.

Let’s discuss some of those varied reasons which make kids indulge in this glossy, glowing, and subtle thing called makeup such that they seem to require it more than anything, especially in adolescence. 

  1. Adolescence (earlier than adolescence, more often than not) is a phase in which kids start to explore themselves and experiment.

So, this is the first reason why kids require makeup—Exploration and experimentation. As every coin has two sides, makeup also has. There are positive effects of makeup that are lesser known. For instance, typically kids start wearing makeup around the age of 12, and when kids explore and experiment with their creative expression, these are all desirable traits that should be appreciated in every young kid.

  1. Not all top cosmetic brands in India use chemical-based materials, and kids are too young to analyse this concerning perspective of yours.

The concern of parents regarding why kids require makeup debate is well understood. However, not all cosmetic brands use chemical materials in their products. Some use only natural materials and take meticulous care of the effects of wearing makeup at a young age. A few of them do take their word seriously and use only nature-based products. This should leave the parents a little unhesitant and children a little more carefree.            

  1. Not only self-expression, but makeup also helps kids resolve their self-esteem issues.

When those blemishes and acne disappear or get reduced, or they feel more beautiful than possible otherwise, kids experience high self-esteem. Top cosmetic brands in India focus on self-confidence and self-esteem that good, subtle makeup brings forth in a little time. The reason for your kid applying makeup should, however, be very clear to you before you take any kind of decision that might hurt their self-esteem.

  1. Kids might be doing makeup due to peer pressure, but this does not stop the kids from using it. Make sure that you become the right guide, giving them a positive direction.

Why kids require makeup debate accentuates this particular point—Peer pressure. Is your kid doing makeup due to peer pressure? Should you allow it? No. But is there a positive way to mould these circumstances? Yes. The positive effects of makeup are many, but it is also crucial in today’s world. Moving with the times is essential, and if you dispel this curiosity from your kid today, it might not be present tomorrow, leading to your child getting behind.

  1. Makeup enhances your kid’s beauty and whimsical nature if used rightly.

Makeup cannot only help stimulate your child’s beauty and whimsical nature, but when used rightly, it can also help protect their skin against skin problems that happen due to sunlight and dryness. Best organic makeup brands count on features such as these to sell themselves, and ultimately in the long run, this is what proves best for the delicate skin of your kid.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using makeup, true, but advantages should never be sidelined due to the stigma spread by society on little girls that use makeup. Parents should rise above every such barrier and prepare their kids for the road they want to take. Parents should choose the best organic makeup brands that are skin-friendly for kids.

Parents should understand why kids require makeup, and they should consider their requirements with due consideration. Your kid’s experimental, creative, self-expressive, confident, and whimsical attitude means the world after good physical and mental health, after all.